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Tempe. My transforming home.

This my home in Tempe, Arizona. I ride around this lake a few times a week on my bike. In the 6 years I have lived here, the city has been ever changing. If there is one thing this town prides itself on, its is Innovation and the city itself has become the test bed for such practice. This concept, is set for 2025, as new business move onto the waterfront.

Desert Smart City Center

Designed for cleaner air, drone delivery and support and fulfilled last mile transportation infrastructure, desert cities are currently designed for the automobile. How would a city in the American Southwest look if it were designed for the pedestrian first?

Exploring Augmented Reality in an Interconnected City

Augmented reality is right around the corner and there are many ways, this could add more information to our daily lives. How would AR glasses work in a city where they could talk to everything all at once?

Preparing the Next Generation for Smart Cities

Changing the spaces around us, may be designed to make out lives easier, but the next generation still needs to learn how to interact with and build on these technologies. Why not give this tech to them in a safe environment? This room aims to do just that, working with Arizona Science Center, we introduce, a simplified robotic design and manufacturing center for kids.

Resident bot says Hello.

"Imagine walking into the building to be greeted by a hologram of the resident smart system?" An idea proposed while imaging how Mark Naufel and I would build our second laboratory in the Fulton Center in Tempe. We considered for a time how a local smart navigation system might help newcomers to large and complicated facilities.

Flooded City Vertical Market

With the rise of the oceans sea levels I am reminded that around 1/3 of the worlds population lives on the coasts. Rather than cities being moved, what if they were built vertically, above the incoming sea level, designed to live with the rising tides?

IOT Pylons

An early concept with Luminosity, envisioning what a new public information kiosk may look like, with future interconnectivity technologies in play.

E- Sports Center

E-sports are already here, and though Arizona loves its conventional sports, the continued rise of E-Sports entertainment necessitates the development of training facilities for future digital athletes.

Carless Neighborhoods

Working with a startup, Culdesac, for a summer, I learned so much about suburban sprawl and how that impacts the happiness of the society that inhabits them. One vision Culdesac has and is pursuing is a carless Neighborhood, an experiment in people centered living!

Desert Architecture Enhanced

A section concept designed with Architect Luis Medina, on integrating large shade structures to modern buildings in the style of old desert tents. Cast over the walkways of dense ancient cites like Damascus or Old City Jerusalem.

Organic Architecture

Inspired by organic architecture, fellow designer, Logan Ingram and I set out to design a concept for the proposal of a new interdisciplinary accelerator in Tempe Arizona.

Vertical Mall Gardens

This is a concept of a vertical community center. The age of the shopping mall is dying, but I do not think this means that public centers will disappear. Or at least I hope not. People need community, to truly enjoy where they are.

Stadium Marketplace

There are huge sports stadiums in every major city in America. For most of the year, these structures are unused, during the off season. This provides a huge opportunity for communities to set up temporary commerce, utilizing already popular community space for more.

Indoor Spaces In Love with Nature

If a space has no way of directly connecting with nature, why not design it to remind its audience of why we love nature? Taking inspiration from the topography of Arizona's natural stone structures, a team and I designed an indoor study space.

Silent Patio

Because of the size of sports stadiums, their grounds can be used to se up a wide variety of different experiences. Upper decks and patios can provide often excellent views of their host city which would be prime real estate for smaller businesses.

Lunar Mining Colony

Working with Luminosity in studying, NASAs effort to design lunar colonies around resource extraction, I have designed a concept lunar colony focused on extracting water from a crater.

Downtown Cairo at Dusk

This is the busiest city I've ever been to. At the time that I visited, the Cairo had three times the population of of my state back home. At dusk the night market lights would flicker on casting the mass of pedestrians into single mass of conversation and smell of good food. These were some of my favorite moments while travelling. I live for the night markets.

IOT 2.0 Airport
Terminal Escalator

My parents always believed in filling life with new experiences so we spent a lot of time travelling while I was growing up. Through this travelling I have consequently spent time wandering the halls, sleeping in terminals, and making friends in airports all over the world. The following comic is for an app that proposes opportunities to enhance the experience of travelers.

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