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Est. 2016


Founding Designer, Design Lead

Luminosity Logo 2018 clear-01.png

Turning my first startup into my dream Job

 This organization was the brainchild of President Michael Crow of ASU and lead by its founder, Mark Naufel. Its goal was to build an interdisciplinary research and development lab driven by a hand-selected team of high-performing students from Arizona State University.
We design, build, and deploy novel solutions to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. In 2016, the Pilot team of Luminosity consisted of only one designer, myself. Over the years, I justified the necessity of a wide variety of designers who were sought and given permanent positions on the team. I designed workspaces for designers to collaborate with engineers and began streamlining a sustainable source of student work opportunities from the ASU design school, which quickly became the top-performing student design team in the city. 


Working with my senior Architecture lead and director of Strategic projects our our primary facility in the Fulton Center.

After six years, dozens ASU design students have leveraged the opportunity to act as design consultants with large corporations, compete and collaborate at a global level and get their dream jobs. As of 2021, Luminosity Design has utilized its combined talent, to serve next-generation military technology, build universities, developing award-winning medical products to stop a pandemic, and even deploying our products on the moon. Since its foundation in 2018, Luminosity design continues to be a cornerstone of the Luminosity Interdisciplinary model, contributing to its success and growth into the future. 

If you are curious about what we made last year, have a look at our

cataloged research and projects in the Luminosity Portfolio 2020 here.




Science center floorpan 1.jpg


In the spirit of Skunkworks style design, Luminosity strives to reach for the sky and worlds beyond. 

charlotte context render 2.0.jpg
Velos Launch Render.PNG
final redner 2_edited.jpg
Grow module context 1.jpg
Josh Context complete 1.jpg
skyway liftoff morning.jpg
Lumin hi Res Final.PNG
Concept sketch 1.PNG


Working with medical researchers at ASU Luminosity has developed products to help combat the opiate epidemic and high-impact safety. After the COVID-19 outbreak, Luminosity focused its efforts during the pandemic to develop COVID sterilization products, improving mask design, and even winning the X-PrizPrize challenge on this topic. 

2.1 In context left side hospital 2-01.jpg
iteration sketch 2.PNG
Slice View.PNG
chamber 3 exploded high render.png
intubation box 4 iso 1.PNG



From its beginnings as a humble classroom in ASU engineering, Luminosity has spread to several locations around Phoenix. Established locations in Tenessee, London, Ghana, and more opening every year. In addition, Luminosity takes on environmental design and interior design projects.

For elaborated records on this topic check out my Futurists Journal page!

Polytech concept_edited.jpg
Local AI says Hi_
version 3 iso 3.JPG
sci centerFIN1.jpg


Started in 2010 with a collaboration between Arizona State University and Global Silicon Valley (GSV), the annual ASU+GSV Summit is the industry catalyst for elevating dialogue and driving action around raising learning and career outcomes through scaled innovation. The 2018 Summit was held in San Diego, with Luminosity being a key exhibition.

Josh's Role: Design Lead on 3 of 5 presented projects, Exhibit Designer, Summit Exhibitor



With the Laboratory established and developing projects, Luminosity was invited to showcase some of the developments as the main exhibit. I worked with contracting groups and interns for two months to design and build the exhibit itself. At the Summit, we unveiled 5 of our projects including a fully automated escort drone, a haptic interface for the blind, and education based AI, an educational robotics platform and functioning smart mirror. As a designer, I have found an efficient role in drawing our ideas during brainstorming sessions and so during our summit exhibition, I held several demos of the same technique, elaborating on ideas... or just drawing something for fun during quiet hours. 

Luminosity Concept Gallery


Industrial Designer

From Student government to ASU Mascot, to TEDx director, Dylan has recently lead a team of engineers to produce three generations of educational robotics platforms.


Human Factors Designer

Past IDSA President Gracie is a leader and designer with strengths in UI/UX, sustainability, and qualitative and quantitative research. She is passionate about projects that solve timely societal challenges in order to help people achieve equity, well being, and fulfillment in their everyday lives.


Visual Communication Designer

Student designer for ASU athletics, CeCe is fluent in web design and head of branding for Luminosity and all major projects.


Service Designer

The youngest winning member of a school wide design competition, Erlend was employed by the city in service design, during his third semester of school.


Education Designer

Artistically talented honors student, Cat has taken on several design roles where her team needs her,  and is currently managing two of her own projects in lab.  

2018-2019 Luminosity's Pilot Design Team

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